Premium SaltNic is offered by SMOOTH Disposable 3000 puffs, a tiny, very portable vape device. You can find everything you need for a satisfying vaping experience right here.



  • The blue LED light gradually comes on and emits when you start smoking or vaping, and it slowly goes out when you stop.
  • Overtime Protection: The blue indicator light will blink three times before going out if you vape for more than 10 seconds.
  • Low-Voltage Protection: When the battery voltage drops below 3.2V, a blue warning light flashes ten times, and the output is turned off.
  • Please keep pets and children out of reach.
  • DO NOT use the leaking battery, and DO NOT take any additional special measures ( hot, deformed, etc.)
  • When not in use, the item must be stored in a low-temperature, dry environment.
  • Because this gadget contains sensors and microelectronic components, avoid impacting it.


When traveling, some people prefer not to charge their equipment; thus, they look for portable alternatives. Traveling with heavy vaping gear is difficult for smokers. New items are being released, and the vape industry is growing. This device is ready for use and makes an excellent first impression. Every vaper looks for the finest retailer to get their supplies. A perfect place to get vaping supplies is Vzone.

If you decide to go out for the evening, you might use this as motivation. Additionally, because they are already filled, you do not need to add e-liquid to them. Nobody can argue against vaping’s many advantages. The most significant advantage of utilizing it is that it soothes the body and mind.

Smooth Disposable

Veiik micko disposable vape:

A new pocket-friendly innovative masterpiece with a compact design and leak-proof technology is the Veiik Micko Vaporizer. They are a cutting-edge, ergonomic smoking gadget with flavored cotton filler and a steel and plastic frame. It is unlike other vapes in that regard. Micko Disposable is like a pen. The VEIIK MICKO disposable vape has a 400–1500 puff capacity.

You are no longer compelled to eat the flavor you detest because so many options are accessible. Several flavors are accessible to the general public, such as mono flavors, fruit and berry combinations with “cool” drink flavors (cola, energy drinks, red wine), and natural tobacco flavors. Disposable VEIIK pods contain salt nicotine in varying levels, although they are much less prevalent than regular cigarettes, which is why smoking is considered safer.


The VEIIK disposable does not need to be changed out or refilled. They already come with an internal battery that has a fixed capacity and offers a predetermined amount of puffs. After use, the device should be thrown away and a new one installed. One of the market’s most well-liked and reasonably priced vapes is the VEIIK MICKO. The convenience of a disposable vape pen is yet another outstanding quality. It features an easy-to-understand design, so using them is simple. Contrary to what some claim, vaporizers are highly effective. Even though they are only meant to be used for brief times, you will always have an excellent vaping experience.

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