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Have you ever wondered how long a bottle of vape juice lasts after finding it lying about your home? Does it have an expiration date, is it spoilt, and is it dangerous?

Juice for vape devices has a shelf life. Every bottle of vape juice must have a label or bottom that displays the manufacturer’s expiration date. The same as what you would find on food or drink. Your vaping frequency completely determines how long vape juice lasts. The temperature and wattage of your vaporizer also have a significant impact. You might easily use 60ML-E-LIQUID in a week if you vape at high heat.

This period is, however, extremely far off because e-liquid is regarded as “shelf-stable.” When it is produced, an e-liquid has a two-year shelf life. If the e-liquid bottle is opened, it is stored incorrectly or, depending on the kind of vape juice, and this period may be shortened. However, an e-expiration liquid’s date may also be impacted by the sort of components it contains.


Thinking about how much nicotine you want in your vape before picking the e-juice for your electronic cigarette is essential. Since more people are aware of the risks associated with smoking, vaping is becoming increasingly popular as a smoking alternative. The Dubai vape store offers various e-liquids with varying levels of nicotine to give our clients the greatest goods and options. Finally, a vast array of flavor-rich nicotine and tobacco alternatives are available.

Our remarkable selection of flavored vape liquids, which we provide as the top e-juice vendor in Dubai, will impress you. Giving you the finest options for discovering the top vaporizers in Dubai based on our best and most extensive product line.


We offer a wide variety of e-liquids. Everyone has diverse tastes, as we all know. One could want a true freebase tobacco-flavored e-cigarette juice, while another would choose a fruity or creamy taste. We provide you with a variety of tastes because of this, including apple, strawberry, berries and cream, chocolate, cinnamon, watermelon, and many others.

Some people could favor sweeter and fruitier aromas, while others might prefer relaxing tones or liquids. Fans naturally also favor more exceptional tastes. A vape shop in Dubai will have a variety of 60ml e-liquids and many more. It makes no difference what you require. All palette tastes are available.


Some people could enjoy traditional tobacco or strong mint, but others might choose a dessert-like flavor. There is little doubt that you will discover whatever taste you like among our extensive selection of e-liquids.

By presenting you with the finest in class, we want to provide you with responsive service from an international vaping company. If you presume to lean towards our things, you will be able to smell and taste the drink you desire.


Vape juice ages and the worst-case situation is that it loses its flavor or tastes completely different. You might be unable to smell it, and the nicotine’s impact and potency won’t be the same.

While we do not advise smoking e-liquid after it has passed their expiration date, we advise you to have 60ml e-liquids because they are little and fewer in number, making it simple to try different tastes every few times a day.